Our origins


Everything started with Frida. The little furball taken in from the pound quickly grew up into a lovely dog. Walking her gave me the opportunity to meet incredible people who I’d probably pass on the street for the rest of our days without exchanging a single word if it weren’t for our dogs. We have a blast walking our dogs together. Frida is very friendly and I wanted her to have as many friends as possible. You know, real canine friends.

The hassle of our everyday lives often prevents us from hanging out with our friends from the neighborhood, sometimes we lose people’s contact information and can’t reach them. That’s how I came upon the idea for Dogest: an app that lets your dog make new friends and lets you organize and schedule walks in an easy and convenient way.

The idea was warmly welcomed by all our “dog neighbors” and the experts I consulted with. What else was there to do but to get a couple of friends together, get them on board with the idea, and establish a design and development crew for Dogest. Check out the team!

Our team


Marcin Małysz
Marcin. iOS ninja. Knows everything there is about iOS, and if he doesn’t know something, it’s probably a feature that Apple just announced. Spends his evenings locked in his room, developing weird games.
Wojciech Łowiec
Wojtek. Shaman of code, witch doctor of development. Secretly working for the Feline wing in order to wrest control of Dogest for the Felines.
Krzysztof Pelczar
Krzysiek. Rotates between mobile platforms and programming languages. In his free time, he works tirelessly on secret projects. Likes to hike in the mountains and generally to spend time outdoors.
Zbigniew Artemiuk
Zbig. The mysterious man behind Dogest’s “guts”. It’s really hard to determine what he loves more: programming or wild rides on his bike.
Natalia Sperkowska
Natalia. Juggles words and ideas. Loves hairy mutts, deers but not in a rut, and swimming. Always in a hurry, always hurried. Mostly by the absurd in both life and art.
Marcin Niedzielski
Marcin. A connoisseur of fine commercials, constantly on the lookout for proper words, co-creator of text. Loyal fan of “Four Tankmen and a Dog” and of Lt. Borewicz’s sartorial sense.
Marcin Cudzik
Marcin. His head is always bristling with new ideas, and that’s where the idea for Dogest came from. Has been dreaming about rockets and space travel since he was a little kid.

Hugs & Kisses


Dogest would never become reality if it weren’t for the help and the goodwill of a great number of people. I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks to every single of them, especially:

Dawid Woldu: the man behind our incredible Dogest logo that everyone is raving about.
Wojciech “Pixel” Gabryś: the list is too long to mention here, he gave us a helping hend in basically every aspect of Dogest development.
Michał and Marika Perkowski from Media Loon: without you we would have never made such an incredible movie.

Aleksandra Słyk-Przeździecka, Kasia Patej, Anna Gadomska, Kasia Jęczkowska, Małgorzata Muchowska – wsparcie eksperckie.
Kasia Ciesielska: for her tireless testing efforts and lots of good advice.

Our translators: Jan Szelągiewicz (english), Santiago Ibanez Martin (spanish), Rafael Machado (portuguese), Krzysztof Baranek (german)

Wojciech Łukaszuk, Tomasz Witt, Anna Woś, Konrad Mankiewicz, Tomasz Kamiński, Julia Szeniawska (the value of Leon and Devon’s involvement in the movie was beyond measure)